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          Deyan Breeding Base

          城市合伙人招商>Deyan Breeding Base
          Deyan Catfish Breeding Base- more than 2000 hectares
          A freshwater fish species originally from North America and introduced to China since 1985. Hubei province – where Deyan is located – is the aquaculture base of catfish in China, this region produces top quality of catfish no matter on taste or on looking.
          Deyan is located beside Honghu lake - the largest fresh lake in Hubei province. In China, 60%-70% of raw crayfish is produced in Hubei province, Honghu lake is the main lake of wild caught crayfish, as national wetland nature reserve. the lake has very good environment.

          About Deyan>

          Founded in 1994, Deyan is a pioneer and leading aquatic products manufacturer in China who produces crayfish and catfish products, including frozen cooked crayfish, crayfish tail meat, catfish fillet, etc. Deyan is located in central China’s Hubei province, beside Honghu Lake – in Internationally Important Wetland List. It has 2000 hectares of self-owned aquaculture base, workshops with 300K tons of productivity, and 35K tons of refrigerating warehouse, the factory is registered at FDA and EEC sanitation system, and pass BRC, HACCP, BAP certification.

          About US

          • Deyan WeChat

          • O2O Platform

          • Honghu Eco Fishery

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